Let’s do it

Let’s do something amazing together.

MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS: We’re looking for a good fit for both of us. Therefore, we ask for face to face meetings regardless of your agency review process, it’s the only way to gauge how well we can work together.

Here’s our offer: schedule a meeting with us and we’ll provide 3 hours of free consulting time which will include an assessment of your situation and recommendations to build brand value. This will include a rough estimate of the work needed to address your marketing needs. Contact Todd Cunlisk and Jerry Ketel to get the ball rolling. todd@leoketel.comjerry@leoketel.com

CAREER INQUIRIES: We ask that you send more than just a resume – send us something creative. You want to be in a creative business, don’t you? Terra Spencer is waiting to hear from you. careers@leoketel.com

PUBLIC RELATIONS & MEDIA: Please contact Terra Spencer. terra@leoketel.com

CREATIVE COLLABORATIONS: We love working with creative people of all sorts. What we don’t love is giant creative egos. Let’s collaborate. We welcome creative introductions to your work. Surprise us but please don’t spam us. Jerry Ketel is your contact. jerry@leoketel.com